Our Process

Our process for hand screened printed fabric covers all aspects of printing fabric. From prepping fabrics, to inspecting and shipping the finished product, we are focused on quality and customer service


We prepare all of our fabrics for printing in house.
We desize greige goods- remove the natural waxes and sizing.
We bleach the goods upon request- to a “whiteness” standard.
Upon completion- the fabrics are pre-shrunk prior to printing.

Fabric Dye

VAT dyes-exceptional fastness properties, no stiff feel.
Pigment dyes-suitable for multiple applications.
Hi-Lightfast Pigments-on Acrylic fabric for outdoor use over 500 hours.
Direct dyes-for tinting the overall fabric-“tea-staining”.


Our colorshop is capable of matching your color choices consistently meeting acceptable industry standards.
Eco Friendly materials, methods, and disposal

Silk Screen Printing

We use silkscreens to print on our 50 yard long tables.
We offer production of as little as 25 yards.
We can print up to 30 or more screens in a design project.


Chintz finish- glaze
Cold Calendar- light luster finish, softer hand-sheetings and percales
Schreiner finish- light luster finish, softer hand- heavier weight fabrics
Teflon coating- water and stain resistant
Curing- for heat setting pigment dyes


We inspect and then ship finished product to you.

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