New Designers

Information for Textile Designers who are new to the fabric printing process.

New Partnerships with Emerging Artisans

We have worked with many new designers and understand the unique needs of early design and production stages.  We assist new designers with each step of the process and welcome a collaborative partnership. Screens, fabric, dyes, there are many decisions to be made and we are here to help make the process from design to production successful.

A Fabric Mill for all Stages of Textile Design Production

Griswold Textile Print has worked with many large design houses but we also work with:

  • Boutique owners with fabric and end-use product lines
  • Textile design artisans looking to expand production volume
  • Eco-friendly designers looking for low impact manufacturing
  • Graphic designers exploring fabric as a new medium

Low Minimum Yardages

In order to allow access to emerging designers, we have a low minimum yardage requirement.  Please contact us for more information.


Griswold Textile Print supports your artistic vision in
producing unique lines of hand printed textiles.

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